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FireLite Alarms MS-2 2 Zone FACP

Product No. FLA-MS-2

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FireLite Alarms MS-2E 2 Zone FACP

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  • FireLite Alarms MS-2E 2 Zone FACP
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The Fire•Lite MS-2 and MS-2E Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) bring the latest in microprocessor technology to conventional fire controls. The MS-2 is compatible with the i³™ smoke detectors from System Sensor with drift compensation, maintenance alert, and freeze warning. Automatic synchronization of audio/visual devices with three selections for manufacturer protocol. The Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) protocol can silence audible devices while strobes continue to flash, using a single pair of wires. The MS-2 is compatible with conventional input devices such as two- and four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices, tamper switches and other normally-open contact devices. Refer to the Fire•Lite Device Compatibility Document PN 15384 for a complete list of compatible devices. Note: Unless indicated otherwise, the term “MS-2” refers to both MS-2 and MS-2E models.

• Two Style B (Class B) Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs).

• One Style Y (Class B) NAC.

• 24 VDC.

i³™ Technology features: – Drift compensation automatically adjusts detector sensitivity and increases resistance to false alarms caused by dust accumulation. – Maintenance Alert LEDs (per zone) warn of excessive dirt accumulation, preventing false alarms (meets NFPA 72 requirements). – Detector sensitivity is automatically measured by the detector, which automatically adjusts its sensitivity back to the factory settings when it becomes more sensitive due to contaminants settling in the chamber. – Wireless handheld sensitivity meter eliminates the need for voltmeters, magnets, and a physical connection to the detector. The reader displays sensitivity in terms of percent per foot obscuration and provides text status indication. – Supervisory LED (per zone) provides warning if a detector senses temperature approaching freezing. – Special test protocol and LED indication allows quick test of all detectors without need for a ladder.

• NAC synchronization features: – Synchronization of standard ANSI audible signals as required by NFPA 72. – Synchronization of ADA compliant strobes per NFPA 72. – Selectable for System Sensor, Wheelock, and Gentex protocols. – Selective Silence for manual silence of horns while strobes continue to flash on the same NAC. – Alarm verification selectable for each zone. – Disable switches provided per zone.

• NAC programmable for: – Silence Inhibit – Auto Silence – Strobe Synchronization – Selective Silence (horn-strobe mute) – Power Trouble – Walk Test – Alarm Silence – Earth Fault (on circuit board) – Battery Fault (on circuit board) – Charger Fault (on circuit board) • Optional dress panel. – Temporal or Steady signal – Silenceable or Nonsilenceable

• Silent or audible Walk Test operation mode commanded from the front keypad, with automatic return-to-normal after one hour of inactivity.

• Each zone may be programmed for supervisory or fire; each zone has separate red and yellow LEDs.

• Disable switches provided for each zone.

• Form-C Alarm and Trouble relays.

• 3.0 amps total usable current.

• Piezo sounder for alarm, trouble, supervisory and maintenance.

• Control buttons: – ACK (Acknowledge) – Alarm Silence – Reset – Walk Test – Zone Enable/Disable (one per zone)

• LED indicators: – Fire Alarm (one per zone) – Supervisory (one per zone) – Trouble (one per zone) – Maintenance (one per zone) – AC Power – NAC Disable – Zone Disable – NAC Fault – System Trouble