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AccessNsite Two Door Access Control System

Product No. BSA-ACC-2DR-SYS

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This "plug and play" Rackmount solution featuring AccessNsite's  Two Door Access Control System (expandable up to 16 doors), AccessNsite Software and Database Hosted on our Servers allowing browser based access control for your security solution. This is a pre-configured turnkey Access Control System for Two Doors (expansion in the enclosure for up to twelve doors). Connect this unit up to your local network LAN and attach wiring from card readers, electronic locks, door contacts, and request to exit's... and you're up and running!

Try out the Demo Site AccessNsite software here:  AccessNsite

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Quintron’s next generation AccessNsite® software brings true meaning to the term Open Architecture. AccessNsite will run on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, OSX, and others. You can choose from a variety of databases in which to store your valuable data such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and HSQLDB. And your choices don’t stop there. AccessNsite manages “best of breed” access control and intrusion hardware platforms such as Mercury, HID, DMP, and others AccessNsite Version 7 Access Control Software 8 Sub Controllers any mix: ( Max 8 SRIs = 8 Doors, Max 8 DRIs = 16 Doors, Max 8 IPs = 128 Alarm Points, Max 8 Ops 128 Relays Points. Shipped with SQL Express Database. Can be used with customer supplied Database or call us for Database Prices. Includes 1 External Client.

This Rackmount, AccessNsite, Two Door Access Control System, Linux Ubuntu OS, ASUS Mother Board Network Ready Configured System

Navigation A simplified and intuitive user interface, with right click capability enabling one-click navigation anywhere, makes for a quick and smooth workflow. The customizable Quick Launch module allows for creation of shortcut buttons for opening modules, displaying device status, issuing device commands, executing OS commands, or opening a web page.

Personnel Management Data entry is straightforward and efficient in the AccessNsite Personnel module with simplified data entry, capture, retrieval, and reporting. Unique features include: Image capture and signature capture with chroma-key imaging capabilities; automatic enrollment using a driver’s license scanner, or smart card readers; custom credential watch colors display any time a badge is used in the system; and fully customizable fields for Personnel, Badge and Temporary Badge records.

System Events and Alarms Events and alarms are displayed in real-time with configurable priorities, line colors, alert sounds and alarm instructions. With one click, acknowledge alarms, obtain instructions, or display the alarms in a graphical location. Duplicate alarms are organized in a “count” table, increasing the count rather than scrolling new alarms. Video integration allows users to compare access event video to stored personnel images.

Graphic Maps AccessNsite features an unlimited number of vector-based graphical maps with zoom and crop capabilities, allowing for enhanced scaling features. SVG, PNG, JPG, and BMP file formats are supported, with fully customizable device, command, and location icons. The customizable “map view” highlights specific sections of saved maps. Maps include multiple user defined layers. Devices, commands, locations, and map links are all plotted using a simple drag-and-drop functionality. Alarm activity and device status are displayed and can be controlled directly by the device icon on the map.

Hardware Configurations AccessNsite brings multiple hardware platforms together into the same cohesive application. Hardware is defined within the application using wizards which can be customized. Devices can be viewed and sorted by address, name, or hierarchical location within your facility. Right-click devices to issue commands, view recent events, or view device audits. Easily find your devices within the hardware tree using our quick search capability.

Camera Supervision The Camera Manager module allows for operators to control cameras with built in controls. Device and camera linking captures and tracks all events and alarms with video. The External Digital Video Recorder module allows for custom DVR’s to be added to the system. Cameras can be assigned to pre-defined presets for PTZ cameras.

Advanced Capabilities Automate the system with custom automation rules triggered from events, time schedules, or from manual commands. Use automation rules to execute device commands, personnel and badge group edits, reports, CSV imports and/or external commands. Send event results and notifications using email, FTP or Sys Log. Use partitioning to manage multi-tenant buildings or allow individual departments within an organization to manage their own data. Create and edit badge designs with the integrated Badge Designer module. Use our web client to run AccessNsite in any modern web browser. Use our Enterprise Communicator to transfer badge records between multiple sites. Our API allows you to integrate any peripheral application into AccessNsite.

System Monitoring Tools Monitor system activity, alarms, and safety reports in the AccessNsite Dashboard module. Built-in system monitoring tools allow operators to view real-time events occurring in the system in graphical form. Drill down actions allow operators to get specific information from charts and graphs.