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Von Duprin 6200 Series Electric Strikes for Mortise Cylindrical

Product No. VON-62

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The Von Duprin 6200 Series Electric Strikes for Mortise and Cylindrical Devices
Von Duprin electric strikes are known for their reliability, durability and security. The 6200 Series is designed to withstand abuse. Its heavy duty stainless steel construction is fully UL1034 and UL10C listed and ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 1500lb. hold force rated. 6200 Series electric strikes are designed for use with a variety of mortise or cylindrical locksets as well as mortise exit devices. It interfaces with the latch mechanism of the exit device. The 6200 Series movable lip (keeper) allows a door to open even when the latch bolt is extended. This feature, called remote release provides added benefits such as increased convenience and efficiency. The 6200 Series also provides added security and traffic control. 6200 Series electric strikes can be used for retrofit applications or new construction. To assure the proper selection of an electric strike on new applications, lockset compatibility charts are shown on the next page. When using a lockset not listed or when retrofitting a strike to an existing application, please contact Von Duprin Technical Support for application assistance. The power failure mode of the 6200 Series can be specified at the time of order. Fail secure is available for fire rated openings. In a fail secure application the door is normally locked. To unlock the door power must be applied. Fail safe strikes which are commonly used for life safety applications are non-fire rated. To unlock a fail safe strike power is removed. The 6200 Series comes standard with 24 VDC; 12 VDC and AC operation are optional.

Features and Benefits

• Non handed design provides greater flexibility

• Strike box is adjustable to compensate for misalignment of the door or frame

• Two piece plug connectors are furnished for ease of installation and for removal during strike servicing.

• ANSI 156.5 Grade 1 1500lb. hold force rated

• UL1034 Burglary-Resistant & UL10C Electric Strike for Fire Door

• Six finishes available to suite with existing hardware

• Durable stainless steel construction

• 24 VDC standard with 12 VDC and AC operation optional

• Meets BHMA A156.31, Grade 1 for endurance and strength

• Static strength 1300 lbs.

• Dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs.

• Endurance 1,000,000 cycles