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AccessNsite's Managed Access Control

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A simple installation of our state of the art rack mount access controller, preprogrammed and shipped to your facility ready to install on your network... doesn't get any easier than that! Call for your free consultation and design today.

AccessNsite's Managed Access Control is our low cost and simple to use solution for entry level or Enterprise Class requirements for Access Control Systems.

User Friendly

A simplified and intuitive user portal, with one click navigation anywhere, makes for user friendly Access Control administration. This powerful aspect of AccessNsite’s interface makes Personnel Management, System Events and Alarms, Graphical Maps and System Monitoring Tools -easily accessed using a web browser, with no additional software required. AccessNsite was written from the ground up as a Java application giving it unlimited system scalability, flexibility, and reliability. The user interface is intuitive to ensure you get the job done fast - without a training manual.

Web-Based Access Anywhere

Whether you are a small business with one door or a large enterprise with thousands of doors across the globe, our "web-based" managed approach lets you perform with one click from anywhere in the world the following tasks with ease.

  • Grant or Deny Access
  • Add or Remove an Employee
  • Open a Door
  • Set Time Schedules
  • View Activity Within your Building
  • Run Reports Simple or Complex
  • For more info of usability click…here

True open Architecture allows use of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome along with Safari and other browsers will accommodate any individual user browser preference.

IP Video Surveillance

ONSSI’s Ocularis video management software integrated with AccessNsite delivers a powerful platform to view video within their applications. This provides the system user with world-class IP video surveillance capabilities from our web-based managed access control system. This is cloud computing at its best, making our integrated premier managed access control system AccessNsite and ONSSI’s IP video surveillance system available for your ease-of-use from anywhere in the world. This minimal cost approach to high end video surveillance will not disappoint the most stringent requirements of today’s video surveillance needs.

Budget Friendly Cost

AccessNsite’s managed access control system, inherent to its design, significantly reduces the security budget and saves valuable dollars. With Managed Access Control by AccessNsite, the cost of servers and application software is eliminated from your budget. This eliminates your having to purchase computer hardware, operating systems, and database software. The cost to purchase a fully integrated access control system is significantly reduced by purchasing BSA Security Integrators state-of-the-art rack mount AccessNsite network controller, which provides your facility a complete turn-key system.

BSA Security Integrators Managed Access Control System brings the power of choice to all industries requiring card reader controls with products that deliver integrated platforms tailored to your unique security needs.

School Campus

BSA Security Integrator’s multi-building and multi-site access control solutions provide reliable, real-time access control of academia; schools, campuses, and education facilities. From real-time lockdown to instant notifications, BSA Security Integrators flagship product, AccessNsite has the feature set schools need. 

Federal and State Government

Our numerous GSA awarded contracts establishes a proven track record for providing solutions for meeting the physical security needs of federal, state and local governments. Our HSPD12, FIPS 201and PIV compliant AccessNsite controls, readers, and credentials enable agencies to manage physical access across buildings and other sensitive areas where robust solutions and strict requirements are important.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

AccessNsite’s rapid acceptance in the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets is based on its unique cross-platform capabilities which enable your IT departments to utilize in-house expertise in owning, operating and supporting critical management technologies. The flexibility of supporting multiple control platforms, virtually any card reader technology from legacy magnetic- stripe to the latest smart cards, guarantees end users a long system life.

Municipalities and Towns

With diverse needs across local towns and municipalities, our Accessnsite solution encompasses whatever circumstances your security needs require.  From remote buildings with no available networks or infrastructure, our multiplatform solution will handle your toughest security needs with seamless perfection.

Property Management

Our network-friendly access control systems reduce the reliance on outdated modem and PC technology while providing reliable, real-time access control. Through a single web-based control panel, property managers can monitor and administer the entire system wherever they have Internet access and a Web browser. The Nexia Pro Cloud based MDU management system, is the newest addition to our exceptional line of Property Management Tools.

Religious Institutions

Our cost-effective, Web-hosted access control solutions provide reliable, real-time access control of your church facilities, while eliminating the need for a costly infrastructure and IT staff.

Small Business

AccessNsite administration and remote, integrated video are available through a low-cost, Web-hosted security solution. We eliminate IT costs and management hassles so you can dedicate full attention to your business objectives. 

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