Access Control

Access Control

Quintron's AccessNsite® Version 7 is a cross-platform (Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac) and database independent modular access control solution. With AccessNsite, any facility, large or small, can be protected against unauthorized access. AccessNsite® is built on a modular, object-oriented design, providing unlimited system scalability, flexibility, and reliability... from control of several doors to many sites worldwide, in real-time, connected by a network... enabling one badge, one face, or one fingerprint worldwide.

IP-based access control solutions are cost-effective, easy to manage and are ideally suited to provide convenient and secure access control for a variety of environments from educational facilities and school campuses, to government buildings, healthcare facilities, retail stores and small to medium sized multi-site corporations. The network is one of an organization’s most critical infrastructure investments. IP-based access control enables you to leverage the network, further maximize that investment and provide a secure, scalable, easy-to-manage access control solution. IP-based access control enables you to manage administration remotely and in real-time for each location via your network. This eliminates the need to adjust specifications at each physical location, saving you both time and money through more efficient management.


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