With so many challenges in the world of Education, Healthcare, Recreation, and Retail, finding the budget money for a new or retrofit fire and life safety system shouldn’t be one of them. Our Addressable and Conventional Fire Alarms offer a full line of products to allow for added flexibility and life safety while saving money. With tight budgets and a commitment to being financially responsible why lock yourself in with a "proprietary" Fire Alarm System.

Fire-Lite Alarms and Silent Knight have a long history of being the top non-proprietary fire & life safety product providers. With over 100 years of combined experience.

• We offer cost-effective systems with the flexibility for not only new construction but also retrofitting for older systems & buildings.

• As a non-proprietary provider, you don’t get locked into expensive service contracts or tied into one service provider. This flexibility gives you options regarding who manages and services your life safety system.

• Does your facility have an existing system that has been paid for ten times over because of "proprietary" service calls and outrageous parts to maintain, call us today for a budget friendly solution to your life-safety needs.


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