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SSS Siedle, a company based out of Germany, produces the world leading and most sought after integrated video intercom systems. Siedle was first established in 1790, dating back seven generations of family ownership with a corporate history spanning over a quarter of a millennium. Siedle brings the highest quality audio and video communications in the industry and BSASI security integrators offers this product as another AccessNsite true integration security solution. Because of Siedle's strict demands on functional safety, reliability and durability, every button, housing and seal is subjected to testing millions of times over. Where else can you find that kind of quality in the industry today?

As your certified SIEDLE dealer, BSASI, would like to introduce you to an exciting new product by SIEDLE called visiTor. When a visitor arrives at your door you can feel secure; through visual identification, confidence is established! BSASI security integrators can make this happen seamlessly for you by utilizing your existing communication platform of Iphone or IPad to secure your world.

visiTor : the Video Intercom for iPhone and iPad

The doorbell rings… Now, you immediately see who's at the door: With visiTor you communicate with your visitors from the comfort of your sofa - or wherever you are in your home.

  • When someone calls, the image automatically appears on your iPhone or iPads. You can now talk directly with your visitor and open the door.
  • If you have multiple cameras installed, you can easily change between different views, e.g. monitoring the exterior of your home.

As long as you stay within the wireless range of your home, visiTor is always ready for you - the most useful innovation since the invention of the doorbell!

All that is required for the visiTor app is the controller, an iPhone or iPad with iOS 4.3, a Video intercom system (e. g. Siedle, Ritto, TCS, Gira, etc.) and a wireless connection. Your intercom system is older? No problem – visiTor is compatible with most videointercom systems.

The – unique - visiTor app is available from the iTunes Store for free. The visiTor Controller is available exclusively from visiomatic or one of our certified Partners.

iDor: the fully integrated Video Intercom System

Since the invention of the door intercom system, SIEDLE has focused on achieving continuous improvement. There passion, commitment and the quest for perfection is readily available to you as a stand-alone, partial or fully integrated video intercom system.

BSASI introduces four design lines and countless style variants to address every conceivable requirement and personal preference. Through seamless integration with your Access Control, IP Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, and Electronic locking Hardware…we introduce you to the following state of the art SIEDLE systems.

  • Audio Door Stations
    Hearing, speech, door release –the classic intercom system develops the basis for all door communication. At Siedle, this basis offers a starting point for expansion and upgrading. Four design lines and countless style variants address every conceivable requirement and personal preference.
  • Video Door Stations
    Hearing is good. Seeing is safer. Taking an unmistakable close look beats asking "who is it?" every time. A Video surveillance system provides a significant gain in terms of both security and convenience over conventional intercom systems.
  • Audio Indoor Stations
    Classical with a receiver or as a handsfree unit, mounted on the wall or table, as a standard model or with deluxe functions in a metal, wood or paintwork finish - the choice is yours.
  • Video Indoor Stations
    The entrance clearly in view: The video stations create a visual link to the door. The model selection and the design versatility are just as great as for the audio models, but with the addition of the video dimension.
  • Integrations
    Why not pick up a door call on your telephone, mobile or PC? Interfaces create transition points to the telephone system, the PC network or the intelligent home.